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jvwoolf: MVLC's DB Query for Novelist On the Shelf

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SELECT DISTINCT ON ("isbn", "itemid")
force_to_isbn13(mrfr.value) AS "isbn",
acp.barcode AS "itemid",
btrim(regexp_replace(acn.label, E'\\s+',' ','g')) AS "bibrecordcallno",
acn.record AS "bibrecordid", rmsr.title AS "title"
FROM metabib.real_full_rec mrfr
JOIN asset.opac_visible_copies aovc ON mrfr.record = aovc.record
JOIN asset.copy acp ON acp.id = aovc.copy_id
JOIN asset.call_number acn ON acn.id = acp.call_number
JOIN reporter.materialized_simple_record rmsr ON rmsr.id = acn.record
WHERE mrfr.tag = '020'
AND mrfr.subfield IN ('a','z')
AND force_to_isbn13(mrfr.value) IS NOT NULL

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